“The Bungee Jumpers have been a highlight of our Lehigh Basketball halftime shows for the last 3 years. It is the single event that gets the most positive response from our fans. By the midpoint of the show, our fans are on their feet, clapping to the music and screaming after each segment. The kids’ talent and dedication is very apparent, as is the tremendous coaching they receive. Any school looking for a fun, entertaining, and high-energy halftime event should book the Bungee Jumpers!”

Rich Haas / Lehigh University Assistant AD

“The Bungee Jumpers have become one of the first groups we contact when planning our basketball halftime performance schedule. We were excited to have them back in Alumni Gym with us again this season because our fans always love the show and they bring so much excitement to our events. The group is extremely talented and their wow-factor keeps everyone in the facility engaged in their performance. We can’t wait to schedule them again for next season.”

Karin Torchia / Rider University Associate AD

“The Bungee Jumpers helped contribute to the overall success of the Inaugural Ivy League Basketball Tournaments. Their halftime performance during the men’s championship game did not only maintain, but increased the energy in the building with an exceptional performance that brought fans to their feet. The group was extremely easy to work with and very professional in all aspects.”

Morgan Rupp / Ivy League Assistant Executive Director

“At Princeton, one of our favorite halftime performances is the Bucks Country Bungee Jumpers! The show is always amazing and our fans really get involved in the routine. Justin is great to work with and makes the entire process easy and hassle free. ”

Carolyn Cooper / Princeton University Assistant Athletics Director

“The jump ropers performed at halftime of our basketball game and the fans cheered louder for them than the game itself!”

John Reading / CB East High School Athletic Director

“The Bungee Jumpers are one of our favorite halftime performances! The group always brings a great show and our crowds love it! Justin is so organized in the planning stages and year after year have been a highlight to our basketball season.”

Michelle DeLong / La Salle Basketball Marketing

“We were thrilled to have the Bungee Jumpers back to the Palumbo Center for the second consecutive year. Not only is the group extremely easy to work with, family-friendly, and entertaining, but our fans love the show – it always gets everyone on their feet! Looking forward to having them back again next season!”

Nicole Imbrogno / Duquesne Director of Marketing

“The fan feedback we received from the Bucks County Bungee Jumpers performance was incredible. The kids were inspiring to watch and it was clear how much effort they put into their shows. Each segment of the performance left our fans wondering how the jumpers would top what they had just seen. We look forward to inviting them back for a performance again in the future.”

Brad Truman / Boston College Associate Athletic Director

“The Bungee Jumpers have proven to be one of the most anticipated and enjoyed acts in THON’s history. Each year, the THON community is wowed by their performance and we look forward to working with them for years to come!”

Austin Sommerer / Penn State THON Entertainment Director

“I just wanted you all to know that every time I listen to Springen by MAKJ, I can’t help but smile and think of your performance at THON 2015. At the drop in that song, at that moment, I don’t think the BJC was ever that alive with energy and passion. You all were truly inspiring, extremely entertaining, and ridiculously talented. Keep up the amazing work.”

Nick Levine / Penn State THON Enthusiast

“At the start of every basketball season I get asked by our fans… ‘when are the jump ropers performing this year’?”  “The Bungee Jumpers do such an amazing job during their performance that the basketball teams and referees usually come out of the locker room early to watch the half-time show.”

Sean Kelley / CB West High School Athletic Director

“We were thrilled to have the Bungee Jumpers Jump Rope team to the Palumbo Center this year! The group was extremely gracious and easy to work with, and the talent was tremendous. Our crowd loved the entire show, especially when they used actual people to jump rope with! I would absolutely love to have the Bungee Jumpers Jump Rope Team back again – they are always welcome back at Duquesne!”

Nicole Bucholtz / Duquesne Director of Marketing

“The Bungee Jumpers performed at Penn State’s THON, the largest student run philanthropy in the world. They were able to get everyone really excited and into their act, and were definitely a crowd favorite! All eyes in the Bryce Jordan Center were on them and they certainly did not disappoint. These kids are extremely talented and put on an incredible show!”

Lindsay Bloom / Penn State THON Director

“The Bungee Jumpers brought such awesome energy and excitement to the children (and parents) at our employee holiday event.   The team did an AMAZING job and the audience was locked onto their routine from start to finish!  They were professional and courteous and such a pleasure to have here!  We hope to have them back in the future!”

Jennie Conroy / Johnson and Johnson

“The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers Jump Rope Team is amazing! The team has performed at Drexel University multiple times over the past few years and our fans love it. The team is so talented and their music and jump rope surprises get the fans up out of their seats! The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers Jump Rope Team really adds to any atmosphere and is sure to impress! Thanks again from all Drexel University fans!”

Jaclyn D’Olio / Drexel University Athletics Marketing

“The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers Jump Rope Team is a high energy and amazing group of performers! The team has performed at Drexel multiple times over the past few years and our fans talk about it all season. The Bucks County Bungee Jumpers make our gym jump with excitement and leave everyone with a smile on their face! Thanks again from all Drexel Dragons!”

Kevin Murray / Drexel University Athletics Marketing

“I have to say that the Bungee Jumpers Assembly was not only enjoyable for the students, but extremely engaging for the teachers as well. The message of hard work, dedication, and perseverance is a great way to incorperate life skills into an entertaining assembly. Thank you for providing our students with “the best assembly ever” from what they told me.”

Andy Durie / Buckingham Elementary Physical Education Teacher

“What a fabulous experience our school had with the bungee jumpers. Many teachers sent our PTO thank you letters for the fabulous assembly. Myself and others who attended were astounded. My daughter Zoe’s second grade teacher told me that after the assembly she asked them to write in their writing journals about the assembly. She said not one child asked “how many sentences?” ” what should I write” and she has never had that happen. My favorite parts were: 1. The confidence the children displayed before during and after their show 2. I loved when the kids messed up during the show and they would keep going. No tears, no head hanging low, and not one person looked at the person who tripped up- they were a TEAM!”

Heather Brossman / Richboro Elementary School

“The Bungee Jumpers joined Grand View Hospital at our “Heart Health Day” at Montgomery Mall. The team gave the crowd an outstanding, family-friendly performance and inspired us all to find a fun way to keep our hearts healthy.”

Brenda Bishop / Grand View Hospital Public Relations & Marketing

“We were fortunate to have the Bungee Jumpers perform at one of our basketball games this season and they brought the house down! The excitement escalated in the building as the performance moved along, and the difficulty and impressiveness of the jump rope tricks matched the excitement levels. Our fans loved the performance, and the cheerleaders bypassed their usual halftime break to stick around and watch it. We are looking forward to having the jump rope team back again next year!.”

Sam Moore / Temple University Marketing Department

“You and your kids have a standing invitation to return to Penn Central MS each year! Children really are our best teachers in so many ways. Your kids’ assembly performance was a  wonderful testimony to what it takes to achieve “excellence”-it’s about the time devoted to skill development, dedication, and teamwork. These are  lessons that transfer to the classroom and beyond.”

Tom Rutter / Penn Central Middle School Principal

“Your young performers were fabulous. Each jump was more impressive than the next. We did not know exactly what to expect and we were “wowed”.  Our fans were on their feet and clapping to the music the entire time. Thank you so much for coming and making the fan experience exceptional! Even our basketball coaches who were in the locker room during half time got wind of the performance and said their families and friends were asking for more!”

Jaclyn D’Olio / Drexel University Athletics Marketing